How Long Should A Blog Post Be?

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How long should a blog post be? Ask me this question and you’ll see my face squinch up. That’s because I’m about to give a reply that nobody likes to hear. “It depends…” Sorry guys, there is no exact magic number for blog post length. That’s going to depend on your topic, your site format, your audience, and your writing style. However, I can … Read More

Site Condor WordPress SEO Plugin Review

In my experience, SEO can be difficult or intimidating because it’s not a tangible, visual thing. You know that you have to do specific things on each post, optimize each image, etc. But it’s a little bit like those team building games where you have to follow directions blindfolded. Did you catch every Alt field on every image? Did you stay within the characters … Read More

How Is A Meta Description Like A Dating Profile?

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What is the difference between your blog posts and a profile for an online dating service? Not much. That reads like a really bad joke, I know. But these are the thoughts that pop into my head at 3am when watching commercials for sites like Farmers Only Dating dot com. What does a farmer say in their profile that will make a person (aka … Read More

State of the Word 2014

For the past 11 years, the WordPress community has eagerly awaited the “State of the Word” address from WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg. It’s great to review the recent milestones and hear about the future direction of WordPress. State of the Word 2014 happened in October, but many people who use WordPress for their website vs developing for WordPress don’t know about it. So I’ve … Read More

Slides from WordCamp Raleigh 2014: 5 Things You Shouldn’t Do With A WordPress Plugin

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I had a great time at WordCamp Raleigh this weekend and even got to present a workshop! If you’ve never been to a WordCamp, I highly recommend you look for one in your area. It’s a great place to network with other WordPress enthusiasts and learn about some pretty cool WordPress topics. Below is a copy of my slide deck. Enjoy! PS. I saw … Read More

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