How Is A Meta Description Like A Dating Profile?

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What is the difference between your blog posts and a profile for an online dating service? Not much. That reads like a really bad joke, I know. But these are the thoughts that pop into my head at 3am when watching commercials for sites like Farmers Only Dating dot com. What does a farmer say in their profile that will make a person (aka … Read More

How to Find the Value of Your Brand Colors

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Using brand colors on your website is a critically important to keeping a consistent brand image. Up until the release of WordPress 4.0, you had to code CSS if you wanted to use your brand colors in text. But now, you can change your text to brand colors with a pick and a click! That’s right, we’ve now got an awesome color picker in … Read More

3 Reasons to Build Your Online Store in WordPress

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Making a living online has become the new American dream. Instead of opening a coffee shop or a hardware store, we hang our digital shingle online and sell our wares to the world. Even before you start building your online store, you’ve got some important decisions to make. Which online store platform should you use? If usage is any indication, you might want to … Read More

What is a WordPress Plugin

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What is a WordPress plugin, you ask? If you want to make your WordPress website really sing, you need to use WordPress Plugins. Plugins are how you bring the functionality to your website. Let me explain it like this… Take the cheeseburger. An American tradition, the cheeseburger is pretty darn good on it’s own. It tastes good, it fills you up. However… don’t you … Read More

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