How To Update A WordPress Theme

How to update WordPress themes. You should update your WordPress theme to avoid any vulnerabilities or code conflict issues that could occur on your site. Here is how to do it. Click Appearance>Themes. Click Update Now for the themes that need to be updated.

SiteGround Web Hosting Review

Choosing a web host is an important decision – it can LITERALLY make or break your website. For a very long time, I hosted all my websites and my client’s websites on Bluehost. As far as cost goes, they don’t break the bank and until 2018, I always received excellent customer service. Then, well let’s just say I didn’t anymore. As I started my … Read More

Better Click to Tweet WordPress Plugin Review

I’m a big fan of social media, and I absolutely love any tool that helps me to automate some of the marketing tasks that go along with having a blog. Take Twitter for example. I know that quotes are among the most retweeted posts I have, but I don’t have the time to dash off witty quotes or blog posts all day long. And … Read More

WordPress Login Math Problem for Extra Security

In the Askillity Mastermind Facebook group that I run for my customers, I often get questions about how make certain things happen in WordPress. You see, finding a particular plugin to do a particular thing can be really difficult when you don’t know exactly what that thing is called or how it works. You just saw it, and you want it for your website. … Read More

SEO Study: What Works Now (2016)

If you’re a blogger or business owner using SEO to bring more traffic to your website, you might be a bit frustrated with how quickly the tactics can change. This in-depth study put out this month from Backlinko clears up some of the questions about what works now, in 2016. As you look through these results please remember, Google doesn’t give away the details … Read More

Get the No Fear Guide to Updating WordPress ecourse for free!

“Oh no, not again!” You stare at the WordPress dashboard as your palms start to sweat. The little number in the little circle next to ‘Updates’ is mocking you. It knows you’ve been ignoring it. It also knows that you can’t afford to ignore it much longer. You HAVE to do the updates or you’re going to get hacked. (But you really, really, really don’t want to … Read More

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