Let it Snow WordPress Plugins

I’ve updated this post in honor of Winter Storm Jonas who will be visiting me in just 12 short hours. Stay safe East Coast! “Oh the weather outside is frightful” and it will be on your website too, with these Snow WordPress Plugins. Sometimes you just gotta give in to the good cheer and festiveness of the holiday season. And snow falling is a … Read More

WordPress Security Plugins to Keep Your Site Safe

If your website is on WordPress, you’re on the best CMS website platform out there. Its popularity is growing like crazy and as of 2015 over 25% of the world’s most popular website are on the platform. But that popularity also attracts the bad guys. WordPress developers are constantly hopping to keep in front of the hackers. If you want to keep your website … Read More

Where did the Yoast Meta Description Field Go?

The Yoast SEO plugin had a major update in November. A lot of things changed and I’m getting tons of emails with the same question, “Where the #$@&%*! did my Yoast Meta Description field go?” I made this short video to give you the answer.      

Duplicate Post WordPress Plugin Review

For awhile now I’ve been kind of annoyed that WordPress core doesn’t allow you to duplicate pages. I work so hard to put together attractive, well-converting, solidly designed pages and it makes sense that I’d like to reuse them with different content. Sales pages, webinar pages, special features – all great reasons to reuse a page format. I’m planning a webinar series for 2016 … Read More

How to Check Your PayPal IPN in WordPress

If you use PayPal to process payments with WordPress, you’ve probably received a cryptic and somewhat alarming email about updating your IPN settings. The subject line screams: IMMEDIATE ATTENTION REQUIRED: PayPal service upgrades. While the email does a great job of scaring the crap out of you and making you think your website is going to come crashing down around your ears, it doesn’t … Read More

Don’t Update Your WordPress Website

“Don’t update your WordPress site or all of your customizations will be lost.” If you ever hear these words from the person who designed your WordPress website, alarms should go off in your head. And I mean big, ”evacuate the area because disaster is coming” alarms. In the past few weeks, two new clients have come to me because the person who developed their … Read More

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