Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

So, you need a form on your website. That’s not surprising – everybody needs a contact form (or is that a Thneed?) Anyway, forms have so many uses that it’s a lot like a digital Thneed. Contact forms, client feedback surveys, event registration, email signups… and the list goes on!

No matter what your WordPress form needs, there is a plugin for that. Here are some of my favorite Form Plugins for WordPress


Jetpack’s Contact Form

If what you need is a simple to set up, lightweight email form and you’re already using the popular JetPack plugin by Automattic, then the Contact Form module is perfect for you. JetPack is a plugin that packages up a huge amount of services from and allows you to use them for your self-hosted WordPress website. Jetpack is huge, so if all you’re looking for is a simple form, you might want to jump down to the section on Contact Form 7.


Contact Form 7

As the leading contact form plugin for many years, Contact Form 7 is the go-to contact form for a huge number of WordPress website owners. It a well-established plugin and maintained consistently. New users have told me that they find it a little clunky in the setup, but once you get it figured out you shouldn’t have any problems.


Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a premium plugin that currently costs around $79 a year. I put off buying Gravity Forms for waaaaay too long. I was trying to justify the cost, but if you have a need for anything beyond a simple contact form then it’s justification enough to buy this plugin. Gravity forms allows you to create multiple forms and tracks submission through each form in addition to emailing you the form entries. You can connect a payment Gateway and use it to sell things. You can add the submitters automatically to your email list. You can conduct polls and surveys. The options with Gravity forms are endless (or at least more numerous than you are likely to need). The biggest benefit over the other forms plugins is that Gravity Forms keeps an submitted information in a database that can be exported to Excel. There is no chance of emailed submissions getting lost en route or in your mailbox.

My favorite of these three is Gravity Forms, no contest. Which solution is right for you? Let me know in the comments.

3 Responses

  1. Kristin

    I am so glad you wrote this, great article!

    • Kelly Phillips

      Thanks Kristin! It was your question that inspired it so I’m glad it helped!

  2. Lisa

    Great options. I am a Gravity Forms Gal all the way too. I like Ninja Forms for clients who desire a free option. I have had some issues with Contact Form 7 lately and Ninja Forms saves me every time. Check it out and see if it is worth adding to your list.