What is a WordPress Plugin

What is a WordPress plugin, you ask? If you want to make your WordPress website really sing, you need to use WordPress Plugins. Plugins are how you bring the functionality to your website. Let me explain it like this… Take the cheeseburger. An American tradition, the cheeseburger is pretty darn good on it’s own. It tastes good, it fills you up. However… don’t you … Read More

How to Choose an Online Store Platform

Selling your products online is serious business. I know a lot of business owners who are scared to death of the process. In fact, they can become so paralyzed by making the very first decision that they never actually get their store up and running at all! I don’t fault them one bit. The platform that you choose can make your process go smoothly, … Read More

How to Resolve a Plugin Conflict

You’ve often heard how important it is to keep your WordPress plugins updated in order to keep your site secure. And usually, updates go just fine. However, if it didn’t go just fine, would you know what to do? Because WordPress is an open source platform, there are many different developers coding plugins. And not all of them follow the same process or best … Read More

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