SiteGround Web Hosting Review

Choosing a web host is an important decision – it can LITERALLY make or break your website. For a very long time, I hosted all my websites and my client’s websites on Bluehost. As far as cost goes, they don’t break the bank and until 2018, I always received excellent customer service. Then, well let’s just say I didn’t anymore. As I started my … Read More

Facebook Ads or SEO for driving traffic to your website: Which should you use?

I recently saw a free webinar for Facebook Ads that claimed “The SHOCKING truth about SEO (Hint: It’s a waste of time!)”. “WHAT???” Was my first reaction. Being that I teach SEO and have had landed huge clients from across the continent using it, I thought that was a pretty bold statement. But then I started thinking… Facebook Ads or SEO? Which one is … Read More

Site Condor WordPress SEO Plugin Review

In my experience, SEO can be difficult or intimidating because it’s not a tangible, visual thing. You know that you have to do specific things on each post, optimize each image, etc. But it’s a little bit like those team building games where you have to follow directions blindfolded. Did you catch every Alt field on every image? Did you stay within the characters … Read More

How to Find the Value of Your Brand Colors

Using brand colors on your website is a critically important to keeping a consistent brand image. Up until the release of WordPress 4.0, you had to code CSS if you wanted to use your brand colors in text. But now, you can change your text to brand colors with a pick and a click! That’s right, we’ve now got an awesome color picker in … Read More

How to Make Space in Your House for a Home Recording Studio

When I tell people that they can create a video studio in their house for under $200, their eyes light up and I can practically see the possibilities start to run through their head. Then their eyes narrow. They get an intense look on their face and then say, “But where am I going to put it?” The key to making your videos look … Read More