Get A Sneak Peek at WordPress 4.0

The next major WordPress update – WordPress 4.0 is slated for August 27th, and it’s got a few nice features in store for us business users. I thought I’d give you a sneak peak of just three of potential changes. Keep in mind that development for this version is still happening, and so things might look a bit different in the final release.   … Read More

Giving Access to Guest Bloggers in WordPress

As a Brand Manager and Social Media Marketer, I often assist clients with guest blogging. Having others write content for your blog audience is a great way to keep your site fresh and also gain additional exposure by attracting the guest bloggers’ audience as well. The best way to acknowledge guest bloggers as authors on your WordPress site is to give them a user … Read More

Essential SEO for Bloggers and WordPress Video

I’ve been attending the Raleigh SEO Meetup for about four years now. You know how sometimes you go to group presentations and you walk away wishing you could get those hours back? That has NEVER been the case with this group. I always walk out of these sessions with my head spinning, dying to get home so I can start implementing the new things … Read More

3 Reasons to Build Your Online Store in WordPress

Making a living online has become the new American dream. Instead of opening a coffee shop or a hardware store, we hang our digital shingle online and sell our wares to the world. Even before you start building your online store, you’ve got some important decisions to make. Which online store platform should you use? If usage is any indication, you might want to … Read More

What is a WordPress Plugin

What is a WordPress plugin, you ask? If you want to make your WordPress website really sing, you need to use WordPress Plugins. Plugins are how you bring the functionality to your website. Let me explain it like this… Take the cheeseburger. An American tradition, the cheeseburger is pretty darn good on it’s own. It tastes good, it fills you up. However… don’t you … Read More

How to Choose an Online Store Platform

Selling your products online is serious business. I know a lot of business owners who are scared to death of the process. In fact, they can become so paralyzed by making the very first decision that they never actually get their store up and running at all! I don’t fault them one bit. The platform that you choose can make your process go smoothly, … Read More

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