WordPress Plugin Review: WordFence Security

I’ve been wanting to do a WordFence review for awhile now, because I simply can’t believe the hacking attempts that have been happening behind the scenes of my WordPress website that I never knew about. Since WordFence – I know. WordFence is a popular WordPress plugin that handles a many different security issues that you may currently be addressing with multiple plugins. This is … Read More

How to Resolve a Plugin Conflict

You’ve often heard how important it is to keep your WordPress plugins updated in order to keep your site secure. And usually, updates go just fine. However, if it didn’t go just fine, would you know what to do? Because WordPress is an open source platform, there are many different developers coding plugins. And not all of them follow the same process or best … Read More

WordPress Plugin Review: Ultimate Coming Soon Plugin

When I install a new WordPress site, Ultimate Coming Soon Page by Seedprod is the first plugin I load and configure. If you are building your site on a live hosting account, you really don’t want people visiting your half completed website and getting a bad impression.

The Ultimate Coming Soon Page solves this problem by creating a landing page that hides your entire website. Visitors that come to your site will see one page that you can configure as a landing page, asking them to opt-in to your email list.

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