Duplicate Post WordPress Plugin

Duplicate Post WordPress Plugin Review

For awhile now I’ve been kind of annoyed that WordPress core doesn’t allow you to duplicate pages. I work so hard to put together attractive, well-converting, solidly designed pages and it makes sense that I’d like to reuse them with different content. Sales pages, webinar pages, special features – all great reasons to reuse a page format.

I’m planning a webinar series for 2016 and to make the process of setting up each webinar a bit easier, I finally took the time to find  a duplicate post WordPress plugin that will solve this problem for me. (Proof that we’ll only act when we’re in enough pain, right?)

Duplicate Posts is a light plugin that does exactly that – allows you to duplicate existing pages and posts. It ads a Clone option in the  Page/Posts list view.


Duplicate Post WordPress Plugin


It also ads the Clone option on the edit page and in the admin bar. As long as you’re logged in, you can even clone the page from the front-end of the site.

One of our astute commenters, Nikki F loves the plugin too, although she did fine one limitation. When cloning events with the All-In-One Calendar plugin, it leaves off some important information like event times and venue. You’ll have to check those details when you clone.

Which leads to my only caution when using this plugin — make sure you go through the new page and change everything. That means your featured image, categories SEO settings etc.

This is a short review because this plugin only does one thing. It just does it really, really well.