Entrepreneurship and Landing Training Job: An eLearn Chat Interview

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Long before WordPress was born, I became a learning professional. I started out teaching faculty and staff at my college how to use their computers, and quickly realized I had found a niche! Over the years, I’ve done just about everything there is to do in the learning field. From face-to-face training to elearning design, implementing Learning Management Systems to managing departments. When I decided that I wanted to become an entrepreneur, it took me a while to figure out exactly what kind of business I was going to own. I ended up taking my passion for WordPress and my long experience as a learning professional and combining into Boost Interactive Media and WP Plugin Coach.

Because of all of that, I started a LinkedIn group called Learning & Development Careers to help connect and share career advice with people in the learning and development field. I was recently on eLearn Chat to talk about careers and how to find a job in the learning and development field.

I also couldn’t resist talking a little bit about entrepreneurship, and how you can take all of the things you enjoy most about your job and turn it into a life-altering, freedom-granting business of your own!

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