Essential SEO for Bloggers and WordPress Video

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I’ve been attending the Raleigh SEO Meetup for about four years now. You know how sometimes you go to group presentations and you walk away wishing you could get those hours back? That has NEVER been the case with this group. I always walk out of these sessions with my head spinning, dying to get home so I can start implementing the new things I’ve learned. Last night was my chance to pay it back as I was invited to speak on Essential SEO for Bloggers and WordPress.

The crowd was a mix of very technical SEO people, entrepreneurs, marketers, and bloggers. While it’s difficult to keep a balance with a group that diverse, I gave it my best shot! We covered a variety of things from the pros and cons of blogging platforms to SEO to writing for your visitors and not for the search engines.

If you walk away from only one thing, here is what I’d like for you to remember. Think carefully about your purpose for blogging. Are you blogging for the purpose of having a blog? Are you attracting potential customers to your business? Are you educating the public? ┬áNow that you are clear on your goal, make all of the decisions on your website with that goal in mind. Choose the plugins and design that will help you achieve those goals, not because they are the next cool thing.

Every session for this group is live streamed and recorded so you can watch the entire two-hours below! You can also join the group on and watch some of the prior sessions. I promise, it is time well-spent!

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