Sneak Peak of WordPress 4.0

Get A Sneak Peek at WordPress 4.0

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The next major WordPress update – WordPress 4.0 is slated for August 27th, and it’s got a few nice features in store for us business users. I thought I’d give you a sneak peak of just three of potential changes. Keep in mind that development for this version is still happening, and so things might look a bit different in the final release.


Updates to the Media Library

mediaWhen you open up your media library, you’ll notice a new grid view. This view allows you to see more images above the fold of your screen. You can still see all of the image details and change the meta fields by clicking on the image. If you liked the old list view better, you can get it back by clicking the list view icon.


Updates to the Plugin Interface

plugin-serchThe plugin interface also seems to be getting a visual overhaul. Now, when you are searching for plugins to install, you’ll see a visual block layout. It looks like you still get quite a bit of information on the plugins right in this view. You can also click More Details to get the familiar pop-up view with more detailed information on the plugin.


Text Color Picker

WordPress Color PickerRight now, when we want to change the color of text on our pages and posts, we’re limited to just a few preset colors. If you want to stick with your brand colors or a color not on the list – well, you have to resort to CSS. In 4.0 it looks like we’re going to get a color picker! Finally, you’ll be able to use the exact color you need with no hassles. If you haven’t matched your website colors to your brand, it’s time to figure out those RGB and Hexidecimal values!

I want to send a huge shout out to the developers who are putting hours of time into making WordPress better. It takes a lot of people to keep an open source software project moving forward, and many of them don’t get paid for their contributions.

As I mentioned earlier, version WordPress 4.0 is still in development and anything could change between now and then. However, I think there are going to be some great interface updates for us to look forward to!

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