No Fear Guide to Updating WordPress

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“Oh no, not again!” You stare at the WordPress dashboard as your palms start to sweat. The little number in the little circle next to ‘Updates’ is mocking you.

It knows you’ve been ignoring it.

It also knows that you can’t afford to ignore it much longer. You HAVE to do the updates or you’re going to get hacked.

(But you really, really, really don’t want to press that button. Because you’re afraid your entire website will come crashing down around your ears, never to be restored to it’s former glory.)

We’ve all been there, even me. In fact, updating WordPress is the most stressful (and hated) part of owning a WordPress site. I think of it as the price we pay for all of the flexibility and functionality that we get from using an open source platform. When you have this many different people developing different tools for WordPress, you are bound to run into issues and conflicts once in awhile.

You really don’t have to be afraid. There are ways to manage the risk and make applying WordPress updates safer. There are also some common troubleshoot things that can take a potential “site crashing down around your ears” moment and turn it around to business as usual in a matter of moments.

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