Snow WordPress Plugins

Let it Snow WordPress Plugins

I’ve updated this post in honor of Winter Storm Jonas who will be visiting me in just 12 short hours. Stay safe East Coast!

“Oh the weather outside is frightful” and it will be on your website too, with these Snow WordPress Plugins.

Sometimes you just gotta give in to the good cheer and festiveness of the holiday season. And snow falling is a big part of that imagery. Take it from someone who grew up within the bounds of the Lake Erie snow effect zone: falling snow on your website is waaaaay cooler than falling snow in the roads, in your boots, and especially when it melts during the day and freezes your car door shut at night (can you say keychain lockmelt?)

Now that I live in the warmth of North Carolina winters, I see falling snow in a much kinder light. So I’m happy to recommend the following Snow WordPress plugins that will turn your website into a winter wonderland.

WP Super Snow

Customizable snowflakes! Sweet! You can use the virtual snow blower to change the size and speed of these flakes. And you can even change the flakes to a graphic of your own choosing.

WP Super Snow WordPress Snow Plugin

Tribulant Snow Storm

You’ll be triumphant, tintinnabulous and several other T words with this super easy to use snow storm. There are some options for color, stick and melt. My fave option is that the wind will follow the direction of the cursor and blow the snow around.

Tribulant Snow Storm WordPress Snow Plugin

Snow Flurry

You can pretend to be Elsa by setting the flake size, speed, color, and timing of this snow flurry. And best of all, you can set a timer so it doesn’t become overly annoying to your visitors.

Snow Flurry WordPress Snow Plugin

WP Snow Effect

This plugin has a free option with a ton of settings including type of snowflake, size, fall rate, and color. The snow drifts down in a light shifting wind. This is my new fave of all the snow plugins!


Enjoy the snow and have a wonderful holiday season my friends!

2 Responses

  1. Kristen

    I LOVE THESE! Thank you!

  2. Susanna @Zealous Mom

    So cute! I am going to have to use this plugin. I love the snowflakes. It feels so festive.