Most loved WordPress Plugins

As you can imagine, I use a LOT of WordPress plugins. I only choose to post reviews on the plugins that I feel are useful, well-coded and reliable. But there are a select few plugins that I love so much, I use them on my own websites. This is my official list of most loved WordPress Plugins. If they are a premium paid plugin, I officially endorse them by becoming an affiliate partner. I take this VERY seriously. If you see a plugin listed on this page it means that I believe in that plugin 100%. You don’t have to click through my link to purchase it, but if you do I may receive a small bit of compensation that helps me to provide free plugin reviews. Not every link on this page is an affiliate link – only the ones marked with an asterisk*.


*Webinar Ignition

This plugin wraps webinar functionality around Google Hangouts on Air to make them even more effective. Create a registration page, send reminders, track sales and give attendees a free gift. Check out all of the features at the Webinar Ignition website. I do all of the webinars for all of my businesses with Webinar Ignition.


*Ultimate Coming Soon

You have a Domain name, but you aren’t ready to show your website to the world. You need to block your site for some maintenance work and don’t want visitors seeing the mess while you’re working. You want a landing page on your domain to build up SEO, but you aren’t ready for a full website. The Ultimate Coming Soon plugin is the answer!


*Backup Buddy

You need to have a backup plan separate from your hosting company. Sad but true! Backup Buddy is one of the most reliable and feature rich backup plugins I’ve tested. It also has an easy interface for restoring your website should you need to – one thing a LOT of free backup plugins are missing.


Gravity Forms

If you need to collect information from your visitors, this plugin is a must-have. You can easily create customized forms, and if you purchase the business level you can create polls, surveys, collect money, move people onto your mailing list and do so many things that I can’t even list it all here.


Yoast SEO (formerly WordPress SEO)

This plugin has been the game-changer for SEO beginners. It analyzes your post and gives you an easy red – yellow – green light to let you know how well you’ve done. It also does wonders for Open Graph (how your links look on Facebook). And it’s FREE!