WordPress SEO Plugin Review of Site Condor

Site Condor WordPress SEO Plugin Review

In my experience, SEO can be difficult or intimidating because it’s not a tangible, visual thing. You know that you have to do specific things on each post, optimize each image, etc. But it’s a little bit like those team building games where you have to follow directions blindfolded. Did you catch every Alt field on every image? Did you stay within the characters on every Meta Title? Even if you’re using a WordPress SEO plugin or an SEO optimized theme there is no easy over-arching way to find the things you’ve missed.

Enter Site Condor. Site Condor is a service that shows you how search engines crawl your website. It can help you identify errors that are causing problems for search engines, as well as places where you can make improvements.

You can use Site Condor as a service on any website platform, but the WordPress plugin does have advantages. Summarized reports, tooltips, charting, and trends are not available through sitecondor.com, so the WordPress SEO plugin brings you some extra convenience by having key indicators within the dashboard, pictured below. You’ll definitely notice any issues right away.

Site Condor WordPress SEO Plugin Dashboard

Know Your SEO Issues

When the report runs, you’ll get some great information you can use at a glance to fix common issues that could be negatively impacting your SEO such as:

  • Pages with redirects
  • Broken links
  • Missing SEO elements like mage titles, meta descriptions, and image alt tags

This was particularly helpful to me. I found over 50 images on WP Plugin Coach that didn’t have Alt tags. Apparently I load up images in a hurry and forget to go back and take care of my SEO. Oops! I’ll be going back to fix that!

Visualizing Your Website Structure

I find this service to be very interesting because although I know all of the things that I need to do to make my website SEO optimized, it’s very difficult to visualize it. For example, I know that Google likes me to create internal links from page to page throughout my website. I’ve never had a way to keep track of that, they just build over time.

Here’s a screen shot of how Site Condor portrays the links that I have throughout my site. I can click and drag these dots closer to each other to view the different ways pages connect.

WordPress SEO Plugin Review
If you aren’t sure how to use these interactive visualizations, there are descriptions and videos accessible from each visualization page.

Does it Replace Other WordPress SEO Plugins?

I talked with Sebastian Brocher, one of the creators of Site Condor, to ask a few questions about the plugin. “The SiteCondor SEO WordPress plugin brings the same technology we built for digital experts to the DIY webmaster.” He said. “While there are many other great SEO plugins available already, none of them focuses on the ‘outside-in’ view. Our plugin does exactly that, exposing how a search engine may see your site, and ultimately helping you improve your on-page SEO, optimize content quality, and get more organic traffic. It is the perfect complement to other plugins such as Yoast et. al. Test, discover, explore, and understand with SiteCondor, implement changes through your other plugins, rinse and repeat.”

Did you catch what Sebastian said about Site Condor working with other plugins such as WordPress SEO? This is a plugin to analyze website on your SEO, not to help you implement SEO on your site. You’ll still need a separate SEO plugin if you need help applying SEO to your pages.

What Does it Cost?

Site Condor has a free level with 5 credits per months. Paid levels range from $9 to $79. This recommendation is based on the free level. The WordPress plugin is currently free, but it looks like a premium version is in the works. You can sign up for a discount through the Site Condor dashboard.

Does it Help Me With SEO? My Recommendation…

SEO plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast do a great job of helping you apply the SEO. Site Condor is a great complement. It helps you track what you’ve done and helps you catch the things you miss. The trick here will be making the time each month to look at the reports and correct the errors you find. Schedule a little maintenance time into your month and you should see some impact.

3 Responses

  1. Sarah @ 2paws Designs

    Interesting! The graph of how the loaves link is cool. I do my best to remember to add those internal links when I can. Appreciate the thoughts on reviewing the data monthly. That might be my biggest problem – I think I would have to add as a reminder on my calendar.

    • Sarah @ 2paws Designs

      Ok, I think “loaves” should have been “pages”? Apparently my iPhone autocorrect took over. 😛

    • Kelly Phillips

      Hi Sarah! You can have Site Condor send you an email to review the reports. I need that reminder or I’d never remember to look at it!