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How to Find the Value of Your Brand Colors

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Using brand colors on your website is a critically important to keeping a consistent brand image. Up until the release of WordPress 4.0, you had to code CSS if you wanted to use your brand colors in text. But now, you can change your text to brand colors with a pick and a click! That’s right, we’ve now got an awesome color picker in our WordPress interface. Watch the video below to get a preview before WordPress 4.0 comes out at the end of August.

And speaking of that WordPress release, do you get nervous about breaking your website when you apply updates to plugins, themes and WordPress itself? In The No-Fear Guide to Updating WordPress I’ll show you the best way to update to reduce the chance that you’ll break your website. I’ve also included solutions to the 9 most common problems that happen during updates. If something does go wrong , you’ll know exactly what to do to get your site up and running quickly.