WordPress Login Math Problem

WordPress Login Math Problem for Extra Security

In the Askillity Mastermind Facebook group that I run for my customers, I often get questions about how make certain things happen in WordPress. You see, finding a particular plugin to do a particular thing can be really difficult when you don’t know exactly what that thing is called or how it works. You just saw it, and you want it for your website.

That’s what happened when one of our members saw a cool math problem show up on a WordPress login page. A math problem (in general) is a much better bot-stopper than the typical Capitcha because most humans can solve basic math. Capitcha on the other hand…

Susan asked me how to get a math problem like that for her website. There may be other plugins out there to do it, but the one I showed her how to use is called JetPack. JetPack is often described as the “swiss army knife” of plugins because it does a ton of things. It’s developed by Automattic, the people who run WordPress.com and it brings a lot of the .com features to the sites of the self-hosted.

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2 Responses

  1. Nogui

    Will this work for adding users to the website, or just logging into the site?

    • Kelly Phillips

      The documentation isn’t clear, but I think it’s just for blocking spam logins. Not for blocking spam user registrations. There are a couple of good plugins that will help with that although it’s been awhile since I used them. Anti-Spam by Clean Talk has great ratings, although I haven’t tried it myself. I’ll put it on the list for a review!