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WordPress Plugin Review: Page Builder

If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated by the page design limitations in a WordPress theme, the Page Builder plugin by SiteOrigin might be the answer you’re looking for. Page Builder adds an additional tab to the Visual and Text editor on your WordPress pages and posts. WordPress Page Builder It allows you to section the page into rows, and divide each row into multiple widgetized areas. You can then pull any widget that is active in you WordPress installation on to the page. WordPress Page Builder

What I Like About Page Builder

Some pluses to the Page Builder plugin include use of widgets on pages, the ability to set backgrounds per row, and a complete customization of each page. One big plus you don’t often find in plugins like this is the ability to set full-width backgrounds with some attributes options using drop-down fields. I did experience a few frustrations with this plugin. The text entry boxes do not have a formatting toolbar, so you need to hardcode text attributes that you would normally format using the toolbar.

Opportunities for Improvement

While I really like this plugin (and am even using in here on, there are some things I’d like to see improved. The overall feel of the plugin is a little bit clunky. It’s difficult to tell exactly what is in each box without comparing it side-by-side to the front-end view of the page. You can use this plugin with any theme, and I have found specific theme developers (such as Kadence Themes) who have worked to integrate it seamlessly into their themes. Overall, I do recommend giving this plugin a try. I think there is room for improvement and I’m looking forward to seeing where this developer takes Page Builder.

Plugin Stats

Name: Page Builder

Developer: Site Origin

Purpose: Section pages and insert widgets into page body.

Versions: Free Page:

Developer Page:

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  1. Brian Baer

    Thanks Kelly… I’ll definitely try this plugin instead of hard coding floating divs in the Text tab. It seems like an improved work around for a serious layout shortcoming in WP.