WordFence Security Plugin Review

WordPress Plugin Review: WordFence Security

I’ve been wanting to do a WordFence review for awhile now, because I simply can’t believe the hacking attempts that have been happening behind the scenes of my WordPress website that I never knew about. Since WordFence – I know.

WordFence is a popular WordPress plugin that handles a many different security issues that you may currently be addressing with multiple plugins. This is a very robust plugin with quite a few advanced features. It’s so robust, that when I talk about it during classes or at speaking engagements, my audience can’t believe that Wordfence is free.

There are way to many features to cover in detail so I’m going to highlight some of the most important features that you should know about:

  • Real-time Security Network – WordFence identifies and blocks hackers who try to break into your WordPress site. Once they are identified, every other website running WordFence also blocks that attacker immediately.
  • Scan Core, Theme and Plugin Files – Your website is constantly scanned. If an infection happens, you will immediately receive notice of the problem via email.
  • Block IP’s, networks, and fake Googlebots – WordFence allows you to block individual IP addresses as well as ranges of IP address. So if you are being repeatedly spammed or attacked by the same person, WordFence can identify them and permanently block them.
  • Email notifications – If there is anything in your website that you need to know about, WordFence will tell you. It even sends you an email when a plugin needs updated.

I highly recommend this plugin for every WordPress website. There is a free version that is very robust, and a paid version with even more advanced features.

WordPress Plugin AssistThere is one potential issue with WordFence that you need to be aware of. It scans your site 24/7. That’s great protection against hackers and other security issues, however, in certain situations it can cause problems. If you are paying for low-end hosting (very cheap) the extra bandwidth WordFence uses when it scans can slow down your website significantly. That isn’t good for SEO. Use a site speed tool like Pingdom Tools before and after installing WordFence to  gauge the impact to your site speed.


Plugin Stats

Name: WordFence

Developer: Feedjit

Purpose: Protect your WordPress against hackers.

Versions: Free or Paid

WordPress.org Page: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wordfence/

Developer Page: http://www.wordfence.com/


  1. Vatsala Shukla

    I love Wordfence. You are absolutely right about the bandwidth issue but that can be handled with the solution you provided. Just wanted to add 1 of the main reasons why I think Wordfence rocks – their support forum is awesome and they resolve issues or provide guidance very quickly and that too for the free version users.