Zippy Courses Review

Zippy Courses Review

I’ve asked some of the best WordPress gurus I know to review their favorite plugin and tell us why they love it so much. And since reviews are only valuable if they’re balanced, I also asked them to be brutally honest about anything they might NOT love quite so much. My friend Kimberly Gosney of has been raving about Zippy Courses for awhile now, so I asked her to give us the low down. I’d also like to point out that there are no affiliate links in this review, her positivity is all for the plugin!

Why you’ll fall in love with Zippy Courses

In August of 2014 I sat refreshing the screen on my internet browser eagerly anticipating the cart opening for the first launch of Zippy Courses. I found the sales page by accident about 20 minutes before the launch officially started and I felt a little bit like a crazy plugin stalker.

Finally it was go time and I was lucky enough to snap up one of the first 25 beta test spots for Zippy Courses.

Within a few minutes I had my download and I was all raring to go. I had tried a few membership plugin options for WordPress that had left me irritated in the past and pondering why it has to be so hard to create a course area with a separate password for each participant that doesn’t become a nightmare of “how do I login-ness.”

It’s really easy to create a course using a system of password protected pages for free on WordPress, but I was at the point in my business where I wanted my more premium courses locked up like Fort Knox.

In the past nine months I’ve seen Zippy Courses become the easiest way for the newbie course creator to take their business to the next level while not breaking the piggy bank. I’m going to share Five Reasons Why You’ll Fall In Love With Zippy Courses.


Reason 1: Zippy Courses is very budget friendly.

It’ll cost you $199 for your first year including support and updates. That’s less than $17 bucks a month to secure your courses and memberships. Each year after that is $99. You just won’t find anything out there that’s this affordable and does so much!


Reason 2: Your video courses get served up like WOW.

There’s no other way I can say it. If you’re running an online video based course with tutorials or any kind of video component to your video course. Zippy Courses takes your video lessons and gives them style! You can add a welcome video and inside your courses you get a cool menu bar on the right hand side that links to the next video so your participants can start on one lesson and easily move to the next one.

Zippy Courses Screenshot

Screenshot of a very basic course layout with a video on the page.

 Zippy Courses Screenshot

Screenshot of my favorite feature the video player with sidebar video menu area.


Reason 3: Zippy Courses is fast as all get out to set up.

When you use the Zippy Courses Theme or the Social Triggers Theme you get a well thought out design that’s structured to save you time. You can set it up in as little as 1 to 2 hours and you can customize it to match your brand colors. You can even add in your own logo to personalize the design.


Reason 4: Zippy Courses lets you create and control your courses.

You can have courses that get delivered all at once, dripped out slowly, go evergreen. You can release one course or a hundred courses quickly and easily. You get to add images or videos to your courses and you can even add quizzes to see how engaged your course participants are.

Reason 5: Jonathan Wondrusch.

Who’s Jonathan? He’s the Zippy Courses co-founder. When I was setting up Zippy Courses I had a question or two and a little hiccup here and there and Jonathan was on it! He was fast to return emails and that kind of support is really important when you’re using something new to run your business.

So there you have it. If you’re looking for an easy way to start delivering your courses and classes that won’t break the piggy bank, Zippy courses is the perfect starting point.

Now that I’ve given you my top five favorites I want to share with you the one little thing that didn’t light me up because it’s something you’ll need to workaround if you’re offering any high dollar multiple payment plans or monthly subscriptions when using Zippy Courses and PayPal.

With Zippy Courses and PayPal you have to make sure you’ve got Enhanced Recurring Payments for PayPal Payments Standard and you’ll only be able to create a plan with four payments including the first payment they make to get started.

You can make this work for you by turning your monthly subscription into a quarterly subscription or by sending out an email autoresponder at the end of every four months with a link to the course and getting your members to re-purchase.This is only for payment plan based courses or memberships with PayPal and Zippy Courses.

Today’s Guest Star Poster:

Kimberly Gosney

Imagine sitting down to build your website and not knowing where to start. So many decisions to be made and the choices oh my! What if you’re just ready to start.

I love making your website so filled with charm that your peeps will remember you, love you and be ready to work with you even if today is your first day in business.

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5 Responses

  1. Catherine

    GURL! You are making me want to ditch what I’m using and start using Zippy!
    Great, fun review with a perfect dose of KIMBERLY! xoxoxo

    • Kimberly Gosney

      Catherine thank you so much!!! It’s really straightforward and they’ve made the login and user details really easy for your customers. Which is soooo nice because you don’t get a million emails from people that can’t login. That is worth it. So worth it when you’re working with a bunch of peeps trying to login at all hours of the day and night!

  2. Shawn Michael

    Hey Kimberly and Kelly,

    Thanks for sharing this review. I must say that at first I didn’t really care for Zippy Courses. I was working with a client and we were struggling to get her course setup. The instructions were not really helping us, but once she contacted support and got an understanding of how it all work I must say it is very simple for a user to get a course up and running quickly. I know most of our pains are not understanding the system and the fact that it such a new option. Hats off to the support team though because they are busting butt to be sure users are happy.

    • Kimberly Gosney

      Shawn Michael when I first started using it the only option was the Zippy theme and I loved the bold colors from that so much. I had that issue too about the instructions which is when I reached out to Jonathan and he was just amazing.

      He even hopped on the phone with me one night because I had a really weird glitch with installation. That type of customer service really was above and beyond!

      I love how easy it is to set up and get going quickly now. The Social Triggers theme looks really nice too which was a sweet touch!

  3. Ash

    Zippy courses does hold it’s own against others however the challenge is that it needs to be a stand alone for you to get the most out of it. It means you have to be on a full domain of it’s own e.g. or a sub-domain such as or

    Having said that it does what you’d need it to do as an online course provider.